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StreamTV EVO FORCE 1 Box and Remote Guide

Your StreamTV EVO FORCE 1 Box and Remote Guide below:

What comes in your EVO FORCE 1 Box?

  • Set-Top Box
  • Remote
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI Cable

Set Top Box features

  • Status Indicator LED and an Infrared Sensor on top
    • Status Indicator LED – Indicates the power status of the box
      • Red – Rebooting & Remote Commands
      • White – On
    • Infrared Sensor – Used to communicate with the remote
  • Ports on the back
    • Ethernet Port
      • Used to connect to a home router/modem
    • HDMI Port
      • Used to connect to the set-top box to your TV set
    • AV Cable Port
      • Used to connect older TV sets that do not have an HDMI Port
    • Optical Audio Port
      • Used to connect audio to a soundbar or sound system
    • DC Power Port
      • Used to connect via the power adapter
  • On the side
    • Micro SD Card Slot
    • USB 2.0 Port
    • USB 3.0 Port
    • Factory Reset Button

Button Functionality

  • Power
    • To turn the box on or off
  • Play/Pause (Center Select Button)
    • To play or pause a program
  • Rewind and Fast-Forward (Left & Right Keys)
    • To rewind or fast-forward a program
  • Home (Tivo Button)
    • To return to the home screen
    • To return to Stream TV menu
  • Live (Back Button)
    • To return to a live program
  • Volume Control
    • Turn the volume up or down
  • Mute
    • To silence the TV
  • D Pad (Directional Keys)
    • To navigate channels
  • Center Select Button
    • To make a selection
  • Guide
    • To view recorded shows, movies, and the guide
  • Recording (Search Function & Through Guide)
    • To start a recording
  • Last
    • To go back to your last viewed channel
  • Google Assistant (Four Colorful Circles)
    • To use a Voice Search and say a command

Installing Apps

Click Apps button (9 Squares) or click the Google Assistant shortcut button
Press the ‘OK’ button to download the app
Enter login information to App if required

Uninstalling Apps

Navigate to the app you would like to remove
Press and hold the “OK” button until a menu box appears
Select “Uninstall”


  • Call 814 636-1500