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Add a channel to “Favorites” in the VNET Fiber TV app

How to enable a channel as one of your Favorites (Google & Amazon Devices Only):

  1. Open your Guide.
  2. You can scroll up or down in the Guide listings to find the channel you want as a Favorite.
  3. Once you have the channel, scroll left one time so that the channel logo is highlighted.
  4. Click on that channel, and the heart icon will appear.
  5. This channel is now defined as one of your Favorites.
  6. To see only your Favorites see the next section.

How To Access Your Favorites and Restore All Available Channels:

  1. Open the Guide
  2. Scroll left twice (like you are going to go into Catchup or Filter content by Genre.)
  3. At the top of that list (for Android/Amazon devices), there is an item called Favorites, and it should be highlighted. Click this Favorites icon, and the Guide will update the listing to show only those channels where you have selected the heart icon (Favorite.)
  4. To reverse this, follow steps 1-3, and this time click the Favorites icon again to go back to see all available channels.

Note: Favorites is currently only supported on VNET Fiber TV client version 2.19 or greater on the Android-based app from Amazon and Google. The AppleTV-based app does not yet support this feature.